Secret Class Manga

Secret Class is a South Korean manhwa (comic) that tells the story of a forbidden romance between a high school teacher and his student. It is a mature-themed series that explores complex relationships, identity, and power dynamics. In this article, we will delve into the details of Secret Class manga, from its characters and plot to its themes and controversies.

Characters In Secret Class Manga

Secret Class manga has several main characters, each with their unique personalities and backgrounds.

Kang Seyeon

Kang Seyeon is a high school student who is failing in her studies. She is the main protagonist of the story and the love interest of her teacher, Lee Sunwoo. Despite her poor academic performance, she is an intelligent and curious person who yearns for love and acceptance.

Han Saehee

Han Saehee is Kang Seyeon’s best friend and the daughter of the school’s principal. She is an excellent student and the polar opposite of Kang Seyeon. Han Saehee is critical of Kang Seyeon’s relationship with Lee Sunwoo and tries to break them apart.

Lee Sunwoo

Lee Sunwoo is a high school teacher and the love interest of Kang Seyeon. He is a handsome and charismatic man who is popular among his students. He struggles with his feelings for Kang Seyeon and the societal taboo of their relationship.

Plot of Secret Class Manga

The plot of Secret Class manga revolves around the relationship between Kang Seyeon and Lee Sunwoo.


The story begins when Kang Seyeon seeks Lee Sunwoo’s help to improve her grades. They soon develop a close relationship, and their feelings for each other grow.


As their relationship deepens, they struggle to keep their feelings a secret. They face several obstacles, including Han Saehee’s disapproval and the societal taboo of teacher-student relationships.


The climax occurs when their relationship is exposed, and Lee Sunwoo is fired from his job. Kang Seyeon and Lee Sunwoo are devastated by the turn of events and struggle to come to terms with their feelings.


In the end, Lee Sunwoo and Kang Seyeon reconcile their relationship and move to a new city to start a new life together.


Themes in Secret Class Manga

Secret Class manga explores several themes that are relevant to modern society.

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love is a central theme in Secret Class manga. The story explores the taboo of teacher-student relationships and the societal consequences of such relationships.

Power Dynamics

Power dynamics is another important theme in Secret Class manga. The story shows how relationships can be influenced by power imbalances and how those imbalances can be harmful.

Identity and Self-discovery

Identity and self-discovery are also explored in Secret Class manga. Kang Seyeon, the main character, is struggling with her identity and trying to find acceptance in a society that is quick to judge. She finds solace in her relationship with Lee Sunwoo, but also realizes the consequences of her actions.

Reception of Secret Class Manga

It has received mixed reviews from critics and readers alike.

Critical Reviews

Critics have criticized the manga for its explicit content and for glamorizing teacher-student relationships. Some have also pointed out that the story’s ending is predictable and lacks depth.

Popularity and Sales

Despite the criticism, Secret Class manga has gained a large following and has been successful in sales. It has also been adapted into a webtoon series and a drama.

Controversy Surrounding Secret Class Manga

It has also faced controversy for its explicit content and the portrayal of teacher-student relationships.

Criticism for Explicit Content

The manga has been criticized for its explicit content, including scenes of sexual intimacy between a teacher and a student. Some have argued that the manga is inappropriate for young readers and could influence their behavior.

Criticism for Glamorizing Teacher-Student Relationships

Critics have also criticized Secret Class manga for glamorizing teacher-student relationships and portraying them as romantic. They argue that this sends a dangerous message to young readers and could normalize inappropriate behavior.


In conclusion, it is a mature-themed comic that explores complex relationships, power dynamics, and identity. While the manga has received mixed reviews and faced controversy for its explicit content, it has gained a large following and has been successful in sales. It is a thought-provoking story that raises important questions about societal taboos and the consequences of forbidden love.